Winter 2018-9


After a busy but rewarding season with lots of fantastic guests, we enjoyed a well deserved holiday in America. We started off with a family wedding near Boston, then took a road trip south through 11 states, ending with a few days’ fun at DisneyWorld!

In December we met our new best friend for the first time - our golden retriever Bryn. Here he is when we chose him, the day we brought him home from mid Wales, and several weeks later thoroughly enjoying his first trip to the beach. He is already such a huge and fun part of our lives - we really can’t imagine life without him! And he’s looking forward to meeting lots of people in 2019!

We’ve been busy inside the house, making improvements here and there and adding further character, all ready to welcome our guests in the spring. Replacing 17 pairs of door handles first kept Stu occupied (if somewhat frustrated!) for a good couple of days, but this was more than offset next by the pleasure of mounting new bedside lights to a beautiful piece of local elm to add a twist to Room 1. Big thanks to our woodcrafts/artisan baker friend Jay Butters!

All of our bedroom furniture was given a bit of TLC with soothing greys replacing the pine finish - it brightens the rooms tremendously.

Rhos-on-Sea carpets did a brilliant job fitting new carpets in Rooms 4 and 5 and modern flooring in all our guest bathrooms. Rooms 2 and 3 got new shower cubicles too - it’s all really given the rooms a new lease of life!

Finally, we had great fun sourcing a pair of mid 20thC Indian cinema chairs for our upstairs guest lounge from Reclaimed Word in Cheshire. It won’t be long before we’re back there for another rummage amongst their treasures.

As the year turned and spring hove into view, we were delighted to receive our award for 2018. Thank you to all our guests who supported us last year (great to already know that lots will be returning) and we look forward to welcoming both you and others in 2019!